Club Information

2019-20 Committee                                                                                                  

President:                            Aaron Lowther

Vice President:                    Alex Smith

Secretary:                            Klara Fay

Treasurer:                           Rachel Morgan

Recorder:                            Rachel Morgan (interim)

Coaching Coordinator:        Joseph Neville

Facilities Manager:              Byron Boucher

General Position:                 Brenton Perry

                                           Kilby Baker

Public Officer:                     Klara Fay

Publicity Officer:                 Georgia Bartlett

Patron:                                 Stuart Atkins

Life Members:                     Oscar Videan (dec)

                                           Ileen Videan (dec)

                                           Robin Barker (dec)

                                           Paul Dunn

                                           Stuart Atkins

                                           John Dowden

                                           Frances Atkins

                                           Paul Smith


Annual General Meeting Minutes:

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Previous Committee Meeting Minutes:


11 January 2021, 


17 January 2020, 20 June 2020, 16 August 2020


28 July 2019, 14 June 2019, 10 April, 25 February 2019, 15 January 2019,


18 December 2018, 15 December 2018, October 2018, June 2018, Special General Meeting May 2018


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Club History


Key Documents and Policies

Club Constitution

CAC Safety and Security Policy

CAC Financial Policy (June 2018)

CAC Grants Policy


CAC Claim for payment


Archery Australia 

As members of Archery Australia we are bound by its policies and standards of behaviour. 

AA's Constitution and Policies can be found here


World Archery 

WA Constitution and Policies can be found here


Club Merchandise

We have a range of club merchandise available for purchase including jackets, t-shirts, beanies and water bottles. 

A list of available merchandise and prices is provided here

If you wish to purchase any of the items, please approach our Come and Try instructors on any Sunday.