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On the first Sunday of the Month, we have the President's Shoot.  Rounds start at 9.00 am (10am for June, July and August) - please arrive thirty minutes prior to commencement of the shoot to register, an hour prior if you have time to help set up the field for the event. Any help is greatly appreciated. 


Rounds registered with World Archery are:  WA 70/720, WA 60/720, WA 50/720. The following rounds are registered with AA: AA 50/720, AA 40/720 & AA 30/720 plus crossbow rounds. 

The 720 rounds are shot as a double rounds, so you can shoot one or both rounds. 

You can choose what round you want to shoot on the day, however, the WA 50/720 round is for compound archers.


For World Archery (WA) rounds, international and national records are possible, relative to age group and bow type.  

For some bow types and age groups there are no WA awards.  Schedule 4B.1 of the Archery Australia (AA) Rules list who is eligible for national tournament record claims. Results may also be used for classification awards, all gold and perfect medals. See the AA web page under FAQ's - Records, Awards, Classifications.  


Description of rounds: A 70/720 round means 72 arrows shot at 70 meters. All rounds are shot on 122 cm faces except the WA 50/720 round which is shot on a 80 cm triple face for compound archers. 



On Sunday mornings, club members are welcome to attend regular club shoots. These provide a chance for members to get to know one another, ask questions and share their love of the sport. There are a range of rounds that are scheduled each week, and there can always be modified rounds shot for members new to the sport. A list of rounds scheduled can be found inside the clubhouse. Members can turn up or register online through Archers Diary

(A description of all the rounds is available here).

Some of the modified rounds that Canberra Archery Club recognise for new members include:

  • Southwell is 72 arrows shot at 20 meters

  • Lyneham is 30 arrows shot at 25 m + 30 arrows shot at 20 m + 30 arrows shot at 15 m

  • Brindabella is 30 arrows shot at 25 m + 30 arrows shot at 20 m + 30 arrows shot at 15 m + 30 arrows shot at 10 m

All of these modified rounds are shot on 122 cm faces. As these rounds are not recognised by Archery Australia members are not eligible for classification or awards, but can be a good introduction to the scoring rounds.

Members can shoot the weekly scheduled round at any time on that day, and the following week, but at least two members must be participating in the scoring. Blank scoresheets are stored behind the clubhouse door.


We are located on Thurbon Road, Lyneham. CAC forms part of the Southwell Park recreational facilities.


Open 7 days a week:

The club is open to members seven days a week. Members are free to shoot at any time, subject to planned activities and events.

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