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Christopher Jackson's Competition Report

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Trans Tasmin Challenge

The Trans Tasmin Challenge is an Australia vs New Zealand Youth Tournament which was held at Ashton Oval in Adelaide. This was my first time wearing the green and gold uniform and it was an incredibly proud moment for me.

The first day of competition started off with the ranking round in which we shoot 72 arrows at 60m. I was rather underwhelmed with my performance on this day however I still managed to rank first. That same day was the first two rounds of the individual round robin match play.

The second day of competition was the completion of the individual match play round robin which was started the day before. Despite another under welding performance from me I was undefeated in any of my matches and took home the gold medal.

The third day of competition was the teams of 2 and teams of 3 match play round robin. My teammates and I managed to win the silver medal in both of these events.

Overall, this was an excellent experience for me, and I made many new friends from both countries.

Oceania Championships

5 Countries from the Oceania region including Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, New Caledonia, and the Solomon Islands gathered in Adelaide, South Australia, for the 2023 World Archery Oceania Championships.

With this event starting immediately after Trans Tasmin it meant I did not have a chance to rest.

The first day of competition consisted of a double 60/720 round. My performance in the first 720 was once again underwhelming however I was still able to rank in first place. The second 720 however was significantly better and I even managed to set a new national record, as well as rank first.

The next day was the South Australian GP and the day after that was eliminations match play however, I did not compete on this day as I was automatically through to the finals matches for both individual and mixed teams.

The final day of competition was the gold medal matches. My first match of the day was the mixed team gold in which my teammate and I managed to take a 5-1 victory over the New Zealand team. My second match was the Individual gold medal match, I had a poor performance in this match and despite a close fight I lost the match taking home the silver medal.

Overall, this was an excellent experience, and I am so grateful for this opportunity


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1 Comment

Franz Ca
Franz Ca
May 23, 2023

Great job Christopher, sounds like you had a few off moments, but did superbly well regardless :) Congratulations !

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