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AACT Short Course and swap meet

The Archery ACT Short course was well attended and a great event. It was very cold and windy though and was challenging to say the least Thanks to Archery ACT and the Canberra Archery club for orgainsing and hosting this event. Images of the presentation of awards are over on the Facebook page

I highly recommend you suspend your concerns or hesitation in shooting an event like this, we had skill levels from the whole spectrum. The people make the sport in my opinion and are a delight to spend time with. A huge thank you to those who came in early to help set things up. With all of us together it only took say 20-30 mins at most, to put out the targets with faces. It seems my lack of social skills and inability to introduce myself, meant I only caught one name of 4 of those who showed up, my apologies. If this was you I would love to edit this post so let me know your name and I'll add it to this. The swap meet looked really popular and I feel we should hold one moving from club to club every 4 months. I'll contact AACT to see if they would like to coordinate. (I forgot to bring my stuff :-( I could plan my own surprise party! )


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