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The CAC Handicap shoot is on!

Updated: Jun 16

As a way of teaching newer OzBow members what is involved in

shooting a competition, we have organised a Handicap Shoot.

It will be held on Saturday the 29/06/2024 in conjunction

with the OzBow members and open to all CAC Members.

Link to sign up HERE

Practice: 2:00 PM

Competition: 2:15 PM

To be run as a competition, with paper and app scoring.

How to Score PDF download link

How to score 2022
Download PDF • 250KB

That the event is handicapped means anyone has a chance to

win. We will even have a prize for the winner.

You won’t have to worry about your skill level. We want this

to be a relaxed friendly event where we get to know one

another, and prepare you for a competition event should you ever

wish to enter one.

It will be open to ALL club members so you’ll get to meet other

club Archers.

You get to shoot whatever style of bow you want!

Distances you can chose from will be:-

10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 */720

We would very much like for all club members to sign up

for this event and meet and welcome our new members.

We hope to both, see you there, and to make this a regular event.



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