Awards & Records



Members who shoot tournament or Club rounds can claim various awards. These include:


Achievement badges

All Gold badges: When all 6 consecutive arrows are in the gold zone of a target.

Perfect badges: When all 6 consecutive arrows are in the 10 or X zone of a target.

For the above badges there are Club, State and National level badges.


Classification badges 

These badges are attained by shooting 3 scores at a specific level in a calendar year.

Badge levels - White, Black, Blue, Red, Gold, Master, Grand Master, Elite Bronze, Elite Silver and Elite Gold. 


Scoring Badges

The following badges are available for achieving a range of score levels.

Australian 720 Star badges: Available for Recurve archers shooting the 70m 720 round (122cm target face) and Compound archers shooting the 50m 720 round (80cm 5 ring target face).

Australian Field Star badge: Available to all archers competing in a registered Archery Australia 24 target Field Tournament or QRE. The award is intended for all age categories, Gold – Recurve, Red – Compound, Blue - Barebow (Recurve and Compound) and  Green – Longbow.    

World Archery Star badge: Awarded when shooting a 144 arrow World Archery registered tournament. Available to archers Cadet age and older.

World Archery Target badge: Awarded when shooting WA 900, 18m Indoor and 25m Indoor Rounds. Available to archers Cadet age and older.

World Archery Arrowhead: Awarded when shooting World Archery 24 target Field Tournament or QRE. Available to archers Cadet age and older.

World Crossbow Shooting Association Star badge: Awarded for Crossbow shooters competing in a TC 900 round.


Claiming badges. To claim one of the above badges, please mark you claim on the score sheet. While there is a cost for these badges the Club will pay for the badge. Once the claim is approved by the Club Recorder it will be presented to you by the Club Recorder.


All Archery Australia awards will be recorded on the Archer's Diary system. The site includes a section that shows what scores, awards and records you have achieved. See the 'My Stuff' tab on that web site. 

We have updated the Perfect and All Gold awards that have been awarded in the past 12 months but we need you to tell us what awards you have received in the past so we can update your awards. 

If you have received any badges at the Club, RGB or National level, that are not listed in Archer's Diary, please send an email to the Club recorder at: