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We are currently welcoming new members to our club. Members are entitled to 24/7 access to the club and its facilities and are welcome to join club activities.


How to Join

To apply for membership, visit the Archery Australia membership page and join by following the prompts. This membership will be pending committee approval. The Club reserves the right to decline membership to any person.


Once your membership has been approved you will receive an email inviting you to an induction. Your induction will cover access to the club and safety rules. Please read the provided induction material. The New Member booklet can also be found here.

We are affiliated with Archery ACT and Archery Australia.




Ordinary, Junior and shooting Associate Members will be provided with access to club facilities. (Restrictions on providing keys to Junior members may apply).

Ordinary and Life members are voting members of the Club. 

As a member of the club you will also become a member of Archery ACT and Archery Australia, allowing you to participate in territory, national and international events.

Membership also covers the cost of medals and pins under the award structure.


Coaching is available during OzBow sessions free of charge for members. OzBow is run every Saturday at 2pm at the club and is aimed at beginner archers. The sessions run for 1.5hrs and coaches will run through everything from the basics of shooting to bow maintenance.

We would recommend once you've become comfortable shooting at OzBow that you then join the club shoots every Sunday to further your skills with a scored shoot. Information on how club shoots run are on our events page.

Membership Categories

Ordinary Member      - Person over the age of 18

Junior Member          - Person under 18 years of age

Family membership   - Three or more people from the same family

Associate Member     - Non-shooting: For social membership to the Club

Affiliate Member        - Shooting: A member of another Archery Australia Club who wants to participate in Club activities

The following are special membership categories.


Honorary Member   - Granted to individuals or organisations in recognition of their contribution or potential contribution to the sport of archery.

Life Member             - Elected in recognition of significant contribution to the Club

Patron Member        - Elected in recognition of significant contribution to the Club


Membership is for 12 months from the date the application is approved by the Club and renewable on application.

Your membership fee includes an annual shooting fee which allows you to shoot at the Club any day it is open.


The Club's membership fees are:

Adult             - $257.20

Youth/minor - $201.43

Family           - $509.40 - $524.40 (up to 2 adults and up to 4 minors from the same family) 


Associate membership (Non shooting) - $65.53

Associate membership (Shooting) - $120 [Must be a financial member of another Archery Australia club]

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