About Us

Canberra Archery Club is Canberra's premier archery Club. Established in 1962, the Club boasts a proud history and tradition of archery development in the ACT and surrounding areas.

We welcome archers from all disciplines including recurve, compound and traditional styles. 




Alex Smith


Klara Fay




Joseph Neville

Life Members

Oscar Videan (dec)

Ileen Videan (dec)

Robin Barker (dec)

Paul Dunn (dec)

John Dowden (dec) 

Stuart Atkins

Frances Atkins

Paul Smith

Key Documents and Policies

Club Constitution

CAC Safety and Security Policy

CAC Financial Policy 

CAC Grants Policy

CAC Claim for payment


Archery Australia 

As members of Archery Australia we are bound by its policies and standards of behaviour. 

AA's Constitution and Policies can be found here


World Archery 

WA Constitution and Policies can be found here

Committee Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the last committee meeting can be found here