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How to Register for Archer’s Diary

1)    Access Event Registration via choosing Canberra Archery Club


Note: each event will show who is currently registered, and whether it is the first (morning) or second (afternoon) flight.    In the above example, there are:-

  • 2 people registered for the morning, and both have chosen the “Brisbane” round

  • 1 person for the afternoon round, shooting a ‘70/720’

2)    Click on the Event, eg CAC Club Shoot 09/10/22

3)    Enter your name and it should come up with a “Member found” message:


4)    The click which (1 or both) flight you want from the drop-down list:


More details on each round can be found here:-

5)    Then check your division (eg Under 16, Open etc) and your bow-category (eg Recurve, Barebow-Recurve) is correct – these usually default to your last selection. Once chosen it may look like this, eg an OzBow 10 (10 m) as a Recurve:


Note that practice ends (usually 2 for club shoots) start at 9am, (10am Winter) and actual scoring ends will be about 9:20. It’s good to arrive at least 30 mins before practice starts to get a target & your equipment set-up.

6)    Press Add Archer to complete the registration

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