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Locking up Reminder

A part of your responsibilities as a member is to make sure if you are the last one to leave, to make sure you lock both the toilets as well as setting the alarm in our shed. Note that the roller door needs to be completely down for the alarm to work correctly. The mens padlock has disappeared and we cannot lock it anymore. The procedure for unlocking is in the New member Booklet and is also a part of our induction process.

New Member booklet
Download PDF • 551KB

I suggest everyone download the booklet and re read it every now and then as a refresher This involves unlocking the toilets and then bringing the padlocks and key back to the shed to sit on the same shelf as the key. Previously we were just locking the padlock back to the hasp but this is clearly not working and need to go back to how we are suppose to do it. This way if locking them is forgotten, then at least the padlocks and key, remain safe in the shed! Getting a replacement padlock involves liaising with a Gov Ranger? and the process is both involved and painstakingly time consuming. I write this today after finding drug paraphernalia discarded on the ground in the mens toilets and the female toilets left unlocked after the Weekend and/or Monday. Both are also out of toilet paper and need another sweep if nothing else. I cleaned the mens a few weeks ago but we need all members to pitch in and check to see if they need cleaning and toilet paper. The broom is in the shed along with spare toilet paper We are the ones mainly using them after all, and If we arent doing this then I don't think we can rely on the Gov to to do it in a timely manner. I cleaned up, but felt I needed to remind people to not put their hands into the garbage bins if emptying the garbage bags for any reason. It is my understanding we have a sharps container somewhere and I will find it and make sure it lives on the same shelf as the key or a notice describing its location.  The toilet bin can be emptied, but it needs to be done carefully and safely. Better yet they need to be locked back up every time in order to try and prevent them being used in this manner to begin with. Thank you



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