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We are holding a Working Bee! Saturday, 13 April

Updated: Apr 9

Saturday the 13 April 2024 at 8:30am for a briefing Then 9:00am through to 12:30pm This is something we would like to implement on a monthly basis so we stay on top of all the things that need doing around the club.


We would love you to come on in and give an hour or more of your time to tackle some of those little jobs that need doing around the club.

  • The distance markers need lifting, straightening, painting or replacing

  • The target butts needed to be pulled out of the shed, the floor swept and then the butts put back in, so the ones at the back moved to the front so they all get even wear. Any that need repair or replacing weeded out and either labelled or worked on.

  • The paths and concrete walk areas could use a broom to remove the gravel that accumulates on them

  • Some of Come and Try gear could use looking over for anything that need repairing

  • Bins emptied

  • Grass mowed, some of the shrubs and branches that are at eye height cut back to make access easier

  • Red signs need to be installed on right hand side of field

  • Fill in garden bed (dirt and plants) · Brick retaining wall could be fixed up. We might not get all these things done in one day, but at least we have a variety of jobs that suit our different skills and abilities. We could even pick one thing "Like the Distance Markers" and the majority of us focus on just those things this time round. We can tackle the other jobs next time We are a Volunteer Club that relies on its members to ensure everything happens as smoothly as it can. We urge you to find an hour or so, to pitch in and make true the axiom, that "Many hands make light work!"



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