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Working Bee - 15th July

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Calling all members and friends of Canberra Archery Club!

At 10am on the 15th of July the club will be holding a working bee to carry out some maintenance and improvement to the facilities.

Jobs include:

  • Repairing target butts

  • Laying new distance markers for the undercover red line

  • Clearing grass from the existing brick markers

  • Repainting the existing brick markers

All help would be greatly appreciated, and volunteers will be thanked with lunch during the working bee.

If any volunteers are able to, please bring some equipment along such as:

· Large outdoor brooms

· Spades

· Hedge trimmers

· Secateurs

· Mallets etc.

Detailed Agenda

Target Repairs

Assessment is required of all targets to ascertain which cores need replacing etc. and effecting repairs where possible.

Covered Area Red Line 10 Metre ground Markers

Red marking dots have been purchased to mark the target positions in the ground in reference to the red line in the covered area. These need to placed into the ground as some white ones have been placed previously.

3 Metre Line and 10 Metre Bricks cleaned (Whipper snipped)

The bricks marking the target positions in reference to the three metre line are in need of

refurbishment and exfoliation If time permits the bricks should also be painted.

Trim Shrubs

The shrubs along the fence between the shade and the clubhouse require trimming.

Club House and workshop clean

The club House and work shop areas are required to be cleared, thoroughly swept and any

unwanted rubbish and cobwebs removed etc.

We look forward to seeing you there!



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